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Lingen Village

a village within the Border Group Parish...

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Lingen, a place of sparkling water, is a Herefordshire village in the wooded hills of the Marches on the border between England and Wales. Situated in the north-west corner of the county it lies just over five miles from the Welsh border. The parish includes the hamlets of Birtley, Limebrook and Willey. 

Lingen village offers not only a Chapel, Church, Public House and Village Hall, but also gives visitors the opportunity to sample stunning countryside walks with truly splendid views.   

'lingenweb' has exhausted its funds!  After running for over 10 years it has more than used up its initial set-up grant, being also previously sponsored for one year by a retired village couple and since then, for a year by its webmaster. 

If the site is to continue, it must now ask for contributions towards its running costs and has already received a donation from one local group to this purpose.

If you or your group can help then please Contact Us

Please note: all editorial rights remain in the remit of the site webmaster.  WM May 2017

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Border Group Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan Reg.14.3 and associated documents:

Border Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14  3.pdf  

Meeting Housing Requirement Report June 2016 (3).pdf

Border_Group_Env_Report_Nov16 (1).pdf    Border_Group_HRA_Addendum_Nov16-1.pdf

Additional document12.05.17 BGPC Consideration of Representations.pptx

General Election Herefordshire Council Electoral Services have published the 'Statement of Persons Nominated' which details the constituency candidates standing for the UK General Election on 8th June 2017 North Herefordshire Constituency Candidates11.05.17


Special request - our local pre school toddler group are in need of a couple of second hand ride ons for outside. They

have enough with pedals but could do with a couple more without pedals. If anyone has one they no longer need, Teddy

Tots would be most grateful for it? Please Contact Us if you can help.


Adforton Church Coffee Morning 13th May raised £550 for Adforton Church.  Thanks to everyone who came along and

made it such an enjoyable event.


May News from Mortimer Medical Practice Herefordshire CCG is keen that to promote on-line prescription ordering.

Patients will need a password to do this but this is the same password that is used for booking appointments.  The

password also gives access to blood test results and immunisation history.  In time, the email addresses for the

dispensaries will be switched off.  On-line medication ordering is a much safer and reliable method of obtaining

medication as there is much less room for error.  To obtain your password please contact the Practice

Manager. Pharmacy 2U      A commercial company, Pharmacy 2U, has sent a flier out to Shropshire patients advertising their services.  The practice

cannot send electronic prescriptions so this cannot be used by our patients.  The practice relies on dispensing income to keep the branches open so this is a

threat to MMP’s viability should patients take up the offer. Further news...  C.M PPG MMP 01.05.17


At Lingen Church's Annual Meeting on April 24th, Stephen Hollinghurst, the Rector gave a list of thanks to all who give so much of their time to St Michael's, but this year he paid a Special Tribute to Peter Davidson who has stepped down from his role as Village Timekeeper.

Peter has wound the Church Clock for about 20 years - keeping it ticking over perfectly, maintaining this very special timepiece and even carrying out occasional repairs.

He's done a brilliant job and all at St Michael's - as well as all the good folk of Lingen Village - thank Peter for giving so much of his time to giving us all the time!

Footnote: Peter has now handed over the duty of winding the village clock to the capable hands of Paul Halmshaw.  Thanks are given to Past Relief Church Clock Winders Christine Moore & Robert Nisbert.

The Church clock was installed by parishioners and friends in memory of the men who made the supreme sacrifice in WWI. 


Lingen Indoor Carpet Bowls Season 16/17 We had another enjoyable season - meeting on Thursday evening from the end of September to the beginning of March.  Although we failed to win any league trophies, we remained upbeat and had some lovely evenings, and extend a warm welcome to anybody who wishes to join. TJ 04.05.17

Big Breakfast News is that all the helpers raised over £1600 for the 'Walk the Walk' Charity with a good turnout.


Next Coffee Mornings at the hall Thursday 11-12.30 18th May and 1st & 15th June.  All welcome.


Teddy Tots toddler group at the village hall every Tuesday 9.30-11am.  A small friendly group which very much welcomes new faces.  Lots of toys, painting etc. available.  £2 per family.

Needling Along Sewing Group 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month 2-4pm.Class member spaces are currently available in this friendly cooperative group.  For further information please see their web page. 


Lingen Gardening Group now takes a summer break from the hall whilst it makes a once monthly visit to nurseries and open gardens which are for members only.


Village Hall Questionnaire - the slip delivered via the March parish magazine asked what activities you would like to see

taking place at the hall.  Only half a dozen or so replies came back with items such as a theatre show, dance orientated

keep fit /yoga class and a table sale.  

The hall committee carefully considered all the suggestions and is hosting a Puds & Prezzies table sale in the autumn, on

which more news nearer the time.  The suggestion of a theatre show was thought prohibitive as most cost in the region of

£4-500 and with previous village ticket sales being low, it would prove uneconomic.  Dance orientated keep fit/yoga

class, a tutor was asked last year to come to the hall and hold classes as it was thought there was sufficient local

interest but unfortunately, after five classes it was cancelled due to lack of take up. One late suggestion was a Speed

Dating evening... the hall committee may well be still giving this some thought?!! 

Unfortunately no definitive offers of class tutoring were received.  If you have any suggestions which you think may go

down well and result in another hall activity please Contact Us  05.17


Neighbourhood Development Plan meeting Lingen Village Hall 7pm 6th June.  BGPC Consideration of Representations.pptx 

Draft NDP Minutes 19.04.17   Agenda


Children's Football and Multi-skills Fri 6.30-7.30pm weekly at Leintwardine School Boys and Girls 5 to 11 yrs. Cost £2.00. Mike Rix 01547 540171 /


Brampton Bryan Diary Dates:  Scarecrow Sunday is set for 6th August 11am-5pm followed by Evensong in St Barnabus Church at 6pm.


Village Fete will be held Saturday 26th August in the Churchyard at the same time as the Needling Along & Lingen Stitchers sewing exhibition in the Church.



Our Lingen Village Phone Box is AGAIN under threat. 

It appears the threat issued by B.T. on 07.09.16, now 9 months ago, which gave 42 days before both the service and phone box were sanctioned for removal has passed without action. 

No further communication regarding this matter has been received, therefore we hope this issue has been put on the 'non action' pile by British Telecom ?  22.05.17




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