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Lingen Village

a village within the Border Group Parish...

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Lingen, a place of sparkling water, is a Herefordshire village in the wooded hills of the Marches on the border between England and Wales. Situated in the north-west corner of the county it lies just over five miles from the Welsh border. The parish includes the hamlets of Birtley, Limebrook and Willey. 

Lingen village offers not only a Chapel, Church, Public House and Village Hall, but also gives visitors the opportunity to sample stunning countryside walks with truly splendid views.   

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Border Group Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan Reg.14.3 and associated documents:

Border Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14  3.pdf  

Meeting Housing Requirement Report June 2016 (3).pdf

Border_Group_Env_Report_Nov16 (1).pdf    Border_Group_HRA_Addendum_Nov16-1.pdf


Daffodil Sunday is this Sunday! 2nd April 2-5pm at Kinsham Court. Tea and cake in the Church. 

Ample parking and FREE entry.  Donations to Church Funds welcome.

Come and enjoy a beautiful spring garden and a slice of homemade cake!.


Autistry’  local musicians Grace & Gelan Swift, Present 'ATheatricaExperience'  Lingen Village Hall Saturday 8th April
Come and immerse yourself in the great storytelling power of music, as two people brought together by a mutual love of musicals eagerly share their passion in song and sentiment!  Through performances of songs from Les Miserables, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon, Chess and more, discover music’s power to convey humanity’s plight in a way unparalleled by any other medium!  Included in the repertoire are selected songs by ABBA, whom apart from being affiliated with Musical Theatre through the success of Mama Mia and the aforementioned Chess, were in themselves, one eight-year-long real life musical!   And there’s a twist............! 

Advance Tickets on sale NOW!   T: 01544 260865/267736 E: 
Tickets £5                Bar available                Doors open 7pm

Notice:  We've been asked to include on 'lingenweb' this statement issued by Bill Wiggin MP in light of yesterday's events around Westminster. News from Member of Parliament  23.03.17

For all those with a piggy banks... don't forget you have until 15th October to spend any £1 coins or convert them before the new hexagon coin is released.  The old larger £5 note will also be obsolete after 5th MayGet spending or converting!


Presteigne Youth Theatre free Drama Workshops have restarted on Tuesdays 2 to 4pm, for 9 to 14 year olds, led by Pope in the Assembly Rooms. The aim is to put on a play at Easter-time. Info 01544 267 163. Promoted by MBA.


Youth Club in Leintwardine Community Centre Tuesdays 4-8pm Pool, Wii, snacks available.  FREE.  T:Amanda 01547 540785.


More bad news for our purses - both classes of postage stamps to rise 27 March so if you use a lot of stamps buy now! 1st April sees prescription charges rising per item to £8.60 and water charges up 4% (!!) can it get any worse...see below re. major council tax increases?!!!

The Good news is the minimum wage increases by 20p to £7.50ph in April...given the above (& below), do you think someone somewhere has miscalculated something??  Calculators at the ready.


Herefordshire Council adopts tax precepts for 17/18  major Council Tax increases set to come in April

Council_tax_rise_of_3_9_percent_approved by Herefordshire Council


Knighton Rotary Club March News               Three Counties Latest Edition


Lingen Flix bringing you SEVEN screening over the autumn and winter months...


Next screening: 'A United Kingdom' (12A) Biography/Drama/Romance



Friday 31st March 7.30pm


A fascinating and important true love story, set in 1940s London and Botswana...more


Seats bookable 01544 267736 or email 

Adult £5/child £3.50   




Lingen Garden Club  4th April Perfume in the Garden Sue Russell.  Members £1 Visitors £4  Annual membership £10, garden visit admission charges also apply.


Mortimer Medical Practice PPG News....on your next visit Kingsland surgery you will see a brand new information screen which when the service is up and running (very soon!) will give you lots of health related news and tickertape messages to let you know if the surgery is running late or such like.  The screens have been purchased entirely with community raised funds by the Friends of Mortimer Practice group .  More...


Poetry in Presteigne Sitting Room Radnorshire Arms 10th April 7.30pm Guest Poets Phil Bowen & Ric Hool A£5/S£2.


Brampton Bryan Diary Dates:  Teme Valley Point-to-Point Sunday 9th April.  Annual Walk in the Park Sunday 7th May 3pm.  Scarecrow Sunday is set for 6th August 11am-5pm followed by Evensong in St Barnabus Church at 6pm.


Pentabus Theatre Sun 30th April 7.30pm in Leintwardine Community Centre ‘As The Crow Flies’: a new play with live music, witty drama, and a crow called Alfie. Tickets £12 from Debbie on 540554


Our Lingen Village Phone Box is AGAIN under threat.  Unfortunately, this time it appears both the service and phone box itself are to disappear. A notice dated 07.09.16 gives 42 days from that date, to make any objections to the Local Authority Planning Dept. before removal.  The reason given is 'low usage'.   Last time a petition was raised and sent via our parish council to British Telecom citing the reasons for keeping the service alive.  Those reasons are as valid today as they were then.  After talks, BT then offered the phone box to the village for the princely sum of £1 (approx.) with the end result that no further maintenance etc. would be carried out by BT.  The Clerk of the day, took up the offer, so it's unclear why BT are assuming it's their property to remove? And surely it is worth more than the £1 (approx.) which was paid for it, it could even be possibly considered a Lingen historic relic!? wm 10.16

Never let it be said that 'lingenwebbers' don't look on the bright side! We've had several emails in regarding the fate of OUR phone box, one from Paul who says: ." the way, a restored box can be worth £2,800 so for £1 you got a bargain!".

Others giving ideas as to what to use the redundant phone box for such as a village hub to sell surplus garden veggies for community projects.  A defibulator cabinet was another one along with a post card shop, art gallery, book loan kiosk (better than reading the phone book) and floral display.                                                  

The worrying facts in all this is that two 'lingenwebbers' have emailed in to say the removal of the kiosk is not listed on the Herefordshire Council planning portal so it's not possible to object to its removal?!

And whilst new uses for a redundant box are great ideas, the way the notice is worded states that the actual box itself is to be removed! wm 10.16




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