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Lingen Village...

a rural village within the Herefordshire countryside

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Contact details:




The village web site is here to inform you of everything local!


Please bare with me and if you happen to see a few spelling mistakkes - just let me know! 






Lingen website does not endorse any material supplied by others, nor is it responsible for the contents of any web pages from other sites referenced from this server.

About 'lingenweb' known as 'lingenweb' is a community website.  The purpose of the website is to provide useful information and publicise events put on by the parish & voluntary organisations as well as the organisations themselves. 'lingenweb' is run entirely on volunteer time. We do not advertise commercial organisations or companies. 



 Village Web Site


Snippets from some of your kind e-mails are beloweven the tongue in cheek ones(!)which are all very much appreciated - keep ‘em coming....... 


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the emails from lingenweb, particularly those related to the roads last year, be they flooded or closed.  The alerts are always welcome, relevant and to the point.


...the website is such a treasure and gives an insight into people's thinking.


...also thank the Lingen Webmaster for their excellent work on this website - it is a real asset to the community. Especially for including the free and open debate of the trivial and the political that we can all share


I have waited with baited breath for the new web and now it's up and running I have to advise you that you need to issue army standard sunglasses to visit it! 

Seriously though, absolutely love it, well done (again!).


r u receiving me? nice to have you back my dear - long live lingen website.


I thank our webmaster for the huge amount of unpaid time she spends on this. It is a great service and a help to all.

I have always been very impressed by the Lingen website. It was really useful for researching the area before we moved up here 6 years ago. There are so many fake "village websites" on the web. 
Happy, happy days.  Nice to see your back on line web master.


absolutely blinking marvellous.....

I email your web site requesting information in the morning...

an hour later get a reply back from you to say it has been passed on...

then, that afternoon I get a phone call back with the answer!

What system are you working on? Is it real interNETworking?

Website looks marvellous, by the way. Very alive.
Thank you to this web - for keeping me in touch and up to date with village life from home.  


May I also add my thanks to this web site, the effort involved must be very time consuming.

Well done Lingen village web site and do carry on with the good work PLEASE.


And really good angled debates going on here too, well done lingen. 
We really enjoy have your say and always make sure we look at it every time.

What a lovely gift Lingen has received in the production of a marvellous web site, long may it reign.


We enjoy, have your say.


The website is looking fantastic and it would be a real shame to lose it.


I moved away some time ago now but always find time to look at what is happening in Lingen nowadays, thank you for making this possible.


Just had a look at your website and its looking great! Even better then the last time, plus its really being used and engaged with, I checked out some of the hundreds of posted comments, great little debates going on……its turned out really well.


I thoroughly enjoy the have you say page and have contributed to it on a number of occasions now!  Please keep it up.

I don’t know how many man hours go into this site on a weekly average but I really appreciate all of them.


I no longer live in lingen but far away in Scotland but I visit every week via  Thank you so much for keeping me in touch.


Well done, from tiny acorns grow....


I am very pleased that you have made a village website. It is helpful and enticing!

What a fantastic service, I am very impressed!  


I emailed on the off-chance and then had your very helpful reply within hours.


Thanks very much


Excellent website, puts my efforts to shame!!


 ...I think it's much better


...celebrated by spending an hour re-connecting with MY village through the wonderfully comprehensive Lingen website. Thank you for getting me up to date so thoroughly in all aspects of the village.

one of the best examples of a community website that I have seen.

Looks good
Brilliant as ever!
thank you for the beautiful page on your website.

Thanks Chris and hey, it’s a real web site!


congratulations on an excellent website.

very good.

I’m loving it, loving it!

i like the photographs (where's mine)


....good, about time.


It’s incredibly full of all the info anyone could want.  …….. it’s great, and as a village a big thank you.

how much do you charge?


Big brownie points for being bang on the button with current information and so user friendly.

wow !!! 

Well done, on the web site

Thank you

...your website looks fantastic and continually up to date. It’s actually a really interesting website to look browse around.


Looks  good  to  me  and  oh  so  professional!

..a credit to you

I’ve missed it

I’m in one of the pics, I’m famous - but my mum always told me that I would be!

like your design and that it is finally back again


It’s amazing….


just to say how very good the Lingen village website is.


I hope you feel proud

I’ve gone thru all the menu, want more!

I like it


i like photos going round how do you do that


I think it's fantastic!  In fact the whole web site is a credit to you and Lingen.

Thank you for relaunching the Website, like the design.



wheres the sport chris          

( - always one isn’t there?   C ) 


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