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Lingen Village...

a rural village within the Herefordshire countryside

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Lingen, GBR
Updated Monday, February 26, 2018 1:00 AM
27°FHigh: 39°F
Low: 27°F
Wind: 7 mph mph
Humidity: 69%
Mostly Cloudy
35° / 27°
34° / 25°
Mostly Sunny
34° / 23°
29° / 28°
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Catch up on local info with your Local Newspaper links:

Hereford Times 

Shropshire Star

Mid Wales Journal 

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A portable defibulator has been purchased for community use with joint funding from Lingen Village Hall (charity reg. no.219377) and our Border Group parishioner's precept.  It is situated on the front wall of the village hall, housed in a yellow box (with night light) and can be accessed 24/7 in emergencies. 09.16


WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR USED STAMPS.....?  There are a number of organisations that will take these, but there is a collecting box in Presteigne Library to raise funds for the Presteigne Elderly Day Care Centre.


Are you aware that unrecorded rights of way may be lost after 2026?  Herefordshire Heritage Access Group in partnership with Herefordshire Council are undertaking a new project to record rights of way missing from the Definitive Map along with other highway records and would like your help.  To find out more please see: or email: Duncan Green ( Chairman HHAG.   


Herefordshire Council What to do after flooding                      Flood recovery grants now available


Are you receiving junk mail and/or unsolicited sales or marketing phone calls?  If so, contact the Telephone Service (TPS) or Mail Preference Service (MPS).  This is a free service which will block these calls.  Tel 0845 070 0707  or     Kindly rec'd from Matt




Did you know...? It turns out that the Village Hall is an Aries.
The site of the village hall became the village's property on 26th March 1926, thanks to a 999 year lease signed that year.
Amusingly, astrologers say that the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, the god of war, and its symbol the ram, a beast with a sometimes variable temper. Worse still, one website says those born under Aries have a "secret desire to lead the way for others."
Royalists will note that the hall is just a few weeks older than the Queen, born on 21st April 1926. Her Majesty is that most pacific and tolerant of signs, a cuspy Taurus. 
Sent in by David - for which many thanks.  wm.


Mobile Phone Security - Make a note of your mobile phone identity number, which you find by pressing   *#06# 

If your phone is stolen, you can then quote this number to your supplier who can then disable it.  Kindly rec'd from Aymestrey Matters



Kindly sent in from Helen: I have discovered that Herefordshire Council issue useful e-mail updates about flooding: see the attached link.  You will see that at the bottom of the linked page is a facility for entering an individual e-mail address and subscribing to the updates (at no cost).  I have sometimes received these updates several times a day recently, and they are most useful. 







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