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a rural village within the Herefordshire countryside

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Mortimer Medical Practice PPG News January : 140 patients did not attend their appointments in December! When you consider the wait time for appointments that figure is quite shocking.  That's 140 appointments when other patients could have been seen.  Did you know? You can now return used plastic inhalers and pods for recycling to the dispensaries. MMP PPG 01/18

Mortimer Medical Practice PPG December News:  The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be inspecting the practice in January.  This is an independent regulator of all health and care services in England.  As part of the inspection they may wish to know what you think about the care you receive from the practice.  Comment cards are currently only available in the Kingsland surgery as just one secure comment box was received.

The Practice is keen to obtain your feedback on their website.  If you have any suggestions or comments please inform your PPG representative. 

Information screens for both the Leintwardine and Orleton surgeries have been ordered and will be up and running asap.  The screens have been purchased with funds from the ‘Friends of Mortimer Medical Practice’ who regularly hold fundraising events.

Antibiotic Awareness - it is estimated that 5000 deaths are caused a year in England because antibiotics no longer work for some infections and this figure is set to rise!  The problem is caused by inappropriate use and prescribing of antibiotics causing the development of resistance.  You will be seeing public notices shortly flagging up that ‘Our time with ANTIBIOTICS is running out!’.


Dispensary update – medical exemption certificates need to be renewed regularly.  The certificate currently lasts for a period of 5 years so it’s easy to forget to renew them but failure to do so may result in a £150 fine. 

Finally some interesting figures for you – flu clinics at the surgeries had an average wait time from booking in to being vaccinated of less than 5 minutes.  Responses to invitations were good this year with extra vaccination doses (approx 100) needing to be ordered.  Numbers immunised at Kingsland 719, Orleton 352 and Leintwardine 641.

The October Figure for patients who didn’t show up for their appointments was 131 and for November ...134!

The practice will be closed for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day otherwise the surgeries will be open during normal hours.

Lingen Representative – MMP Patients Participation Group  December 2017






Mortimer Medical Practice PPG News....

Diabetic Clinic - From October a Diabetic Clinic will be held in Leintwardine on Wednesday afternoons and run by Sister Burke.


Monthly appointment figures for September 2017: 'did not attend' 124 with total appointments at 3819.  That's 124 appointments which we as patients could have been allocated if they had been cancelled by the non attendee.  If you're of a forgetful nature you can be reminded of your appointment by simply giving your mobile number to the receptionist.  A text will then be sent in good time to either attend or cancel your appointment. 


Kingland Surgery  Parking Spaces have now been reserved for Doctors in front of the dispensary with staff parking at the village hall.  Two parking spaces are owned by a resident which is now signposted to avoid blocking their access.  Notices to be made for disabled access. 

Patient suggestions for inclusion on the Kingsland waiting room information screen had been passed on and the practice is awaiting news on whether an information screen can be provided for the Leintwardine surgery. 

Staff changes:  Jess Bradley has been offered a place at Worcester University.  This is a part time course so she will remain with the practice on a job share with Emily Hall. Jan Smith has now left and Charlotte Goodwin started.  Charlotte is now undergoing fairly intensive training. Sandra Wallis is retiring at Christmas.

The practice will be responsible for all weekday medical cover at Leominster Community Hospital from 1.10.2017.  Dr Richard Baxter will be employed by the practice but based in the Community Hospital.

Proposed changes to the guidelines of prescribing certain medicines.  This link is for the consultation document regarding ceasing prescribing of certain items including travel vaccines and gluten free products.   Worcester CCG has implemented these guidelines already.  Please read the consultation document and enter the survey, patient views are very important in these considerations.

Car parking charges have been introduced at Leominster Community Hospital.  It is now £1 per hour to park there.

The Stay Well This Winter campaign which gets underway this year on 9 October encourages at-risk groups to get their free flu vaccination and to take simple steps to stay well this winter.  This includes speaking to your pharmacist at the first signs of feeling unwell, heating your home to at least 18°C and keeping active indoors on cold days.  Our local medical practice already has flu jab letters winging their way to you, however if you don't receive a letter and feel you ought to have then please speak to one of the surgery receptionists. LR MMP PPG 10.17


Mortimer Medical Practice-Patients Participation Group June meeting report: The Kingsland information screen is working well.  Patient suggestions for screen information welcome. 

The Dept. Of Health initiative to have patients registered for on-line access is ongoing especially as the option to order repeat prescriptions via e-mail will soon be obsolete.  Once you have your personal on-line access code you can order medication, make Doctor Appointments and review your test results.  Please ask at reception to request your access code. 

Staffing news - Charlotte Goodwin has been appointed as Practice Nurse to replace Jan Smith.  Jan will stay on for a while to support Charlotte in her new role.  Dr Dales is currently on three months sabbatical - his sessions are being covered by Dr Andrea Williams.  Apprentice Jess Bradley, has finished her apprenticeship and has been offered a permanent post.

National Carers Week is underway.  There are events throughout the County.  Bell Lloyd, the practice carer lead, has organised coffee and cake sessions with hand and foot massage on offer.  These will be held on Thursday, morning in Kingsland and afternoon in Leintwardine. 

Consult room 2 in Leintwardine - in the interests of maintaining patient confidentially it has been agreed to move the chairs further down the corridor.

Doctor appointment waiting time is currently 10 days.

Rising patient list size - you may be interested to know that the practice list went up by 88 patients in May.  This is a steep rise as the list used to only go up by 50 per year!  LR MMP PPG June 17.



Herefordshire CCG is keen that to promote on-line prescription ordering.  Patients will need a password to do this but this is the same password that is used for booking appointments.  The password also gives access to blood test results and immunisation history.  In time the email addresses for the dispensaries will be switched off.  On-line medication ordering is a much safer and reliable method of obtaining medication as there is much less room for error.  To obtain your password please contact the Practice Manager.

Pharmacy 2U A commercial company, Pharmacy 2U, has sent a flier out to Shropshire patients advertising their services.  The practice cannot send electronic prescriptions so this cannot be used by our patients.  The practice relies on dispensing income to keep the branches open so this is a threat to MMP’s viability should patients take up the offer.  PPG MMP 01.05.17


On your next visit Kingsland surgery you will see a brand new information screen which when the service is up and running (very soon!) will give you lots of health related news and tickertape messages to let you know if the surgery is running late or such like.  The screens have been purchased entirely with community raised funds by the Friends of Mortimer Practice group . 


WISH, or Wellbeing Information and Signposting for Herefordshire are operating here please have a peep at their web site to find out what services are available in Herefordshire near you.


Kingsland car parking is being reviewed more news on which later.



A mobile phone appointment  text service is now in operation and so you don’t miss your appointment all you have to do is give the receptionist your mobile number.


The practice will be issuing a newsletter shortly which will bring your further up-to-date on its news.  LRMMP PPG 02/17  



REMEMBER - Your PPG is happy to find out the answers to any queries, suggestions or concerns you may have.  Lingen parish Patients Participants Group Representative is Mrs Moore, she can be reached by using the Contact Us page on this web site.  The Practice welcomes feedback from patients.  Suggestions can be made by leaving something in one of the suggestion boxes or by speaking to one of the staff.  It can also be contacted via e-mail at gene.clark@nhs.netor through the web site