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Lingen Village

a village within the Border Group Parish...

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Mortimer Medical Practice PPG News....on your next visit Kingsland surgery you will see a brand new information screen which when the service is up and running (very soon!) will give you lots of health related news and tickertape messages to let you know if the surgery is running late or such like.  The screens have been purchased entirely with community raised funds by the Friends of Mortimer Practice group . 


WISH, or Wellbeing Information and Signposting for Herefordshire are operating here please have a peep at their web site to find out what services are available in Herefordshire near you.


Kingsland car parking is being reviewed more news on which later.


Sister Burke or you may know her better as Louise, is the Practice Lead Nurse and she will be running minor illness appointments, this will ease up Doctor appointment waiting time and help patients to be seen sooner.


Winter pressure appointments have been incorporated since the new year leading to reduced appointment waiting times.


And finally, just a few facts and figures for you!  In the month of October and November last year there were 6990 & 5608 appointments made at the surgeries respectively, these included the flu & shingles clinics, of which in October 191 and in November 157 patients did not turn up for!

Again in December 4480 appointments were made of which 130 patients did not turn up for!  A mobile phone appointment  text service is now in operation and so you don’t miss your appointment all you have to do is give the receptionist your mobile number.


The practice will be issuing a newsletter shortly which will bring your further up-to-date on its news.  MMP PPG 02/17  



Repeat Prescriptions  -  Rather than use the phone, the practice would prefer when ordering repeat prescriptions, that you either put the slip in at the surgeries OR email OR fax.


REMEMBER - Your PPG is happy to find out the answers to any queries, suggestions or concerns you may have.  Lingen parish Patients Participants Group Representative is Mrs Moore and she can be reached by using the Contact Us page on this web site.



The practice welcomes feedback from patients.  Suggestions can be made by leaving something in one of the suggestion boxes or by speaking to one of the staff.  We can also be contacted via email at   website .