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Lingen Village...

a rural village within the Herefordshire countryside

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Another lovely Lingen week :)



Quiz Time!


1. What is an irrational number?

2. Which American state used to be in the hands for the Soviet Union?

3. What happens when cells are denatured?

4. What is the gemstone for September?

5. Which prison did Albus Dumbledore lock Grindalwald in after he defeated him in his youth?


 Oooh... These are harder than last weeks.

Needing the answers more than ever now? Stay tuned for next week!

You got lucky!


Last Weeks Answers

 1. It was his first day at school!

2. Edd Kimber (winner of series 1)

3. Air! Did you know that egg foam can hold up to seven times its volume!

4. Despacito (means slowly in Spanish)

5. The Louve

White House Walk!


20 minute stretch of the legs after a long weekend!


Lingen hall can be seen from the road but very few can say that they have seen it head on. What words can describe such a place I wonder? Mysterious and Beautiful? You'll never know until you take a peek beyond the Lingen boarders!


Now lets not spoil all the fun. A bit about the walk itself, Starts to the left of the bridge facing in the direction of the chapel. All of a sudden! Little streams of wonder ahead and after that to the right of the second bridge continue walking. Then to the left a steep accent which veers to the right onto a rich green path. Stunning! At the end of the path take a left or right and walk up to the White House. Keep  on going right and after a few minutes you will know where you are!


Simply brilliant for walking dogs.

Meringue Kisses Recipe


First line a baking tray with greaseproof paper but don't put any greasing on (oil or butter...).

Then pour 60g of caster sugar onto the lined tray and then heat at a low temperature to warm the sugar up.

Crack an egg open and separate the egg whites from the yolk.

Whisk the egg whites using an electric whisk until it peaks then add the warm sugar.

Whisk some more, make sure the mixture is not to runny because otherwise the piping will be a disaster.

Spoon the mixture into a piping bag (spatula is the best for this). If you so desire to you can use a brush and paint the inside of the piping bag using food colouring before putting the mixture in.

Then pipe the mixture into twirl shapes and bake for an hour.

Enjoy your delicious snack!




 Discover the beauty of Lingen!


An adventure up the chapel path!

Perfect for walking dogs, or just a short 20-minute stroll up and down. Nice and secluded gateway to the toposcope (view point) where you can see our valley in all of its beauty. 40 minutes up and 30 minutes down definitely worth the fantastic views and time.

There are options! If you so desire to walk for 30 minutes or less you can walk quarter way up the chapel path until you reach a stile, where you can race down the field onto a wooden bridge and join the footpath which leads to the main road (crossing gate) opposite the church. 













Why is this page here you may be wondering?


Well, I am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh award. This award as you may know has three sections, volunteering, physical and skills. This webpage you see in front of you is my volunteering part of the award!

Lets just say three months of me writing about random things which I hope you enjoy reading about!



Send me something...


^^ Feedback means the world in my eyes.