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Lingen Village...

a rural village within the Herefordshire countryside

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A Lingen cycle trip!

 Quiz time


1. What is missing in this sentence.

2. How many Iphones have Apple ever made?

3. Which one of the three brothers is Voldemort related to?

4. What is 85 squared? 

5. How many Kings and Queens were there in the 20th century?


I've just spent two and a half hours editing this week's page and the quiz is the last thing to do :).

I'm only meant to spend one hour a week. AH WELL you're worth it! This week has a lot of content!

Happy reading!


Last week's answers


1. Birj Khalifa

2. Bread

3. The Wright brothers

4. Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley

5. She owns six royal houses


A Quick And Easy Pudding? MY OWN RECIPE! ORIGINAL!


Let's suppose you've just cooked an AMAZING dinner and you're feeling there's room for a little extra!


About 45mins prep. can give you a week of different puddings. YAYAY! Let's get started!

Eaton mess... Buy some pre-made meringues for efficiency unless you want to make your own (if you do then make sure that you use caster sugar because it is the most stable, granules are smaller so produces less liquid), Put some double cream in a glass bowl and mix (electric) until stable/peaky/whipped... Then break up the meringue and put into the mix. NOW listen up, what I'm about to tell you is TOP SECRET! (MY invention). It's practically GOLD DUST! Heat some milk in the microwave for 2mins, add some coco powder/hot chocolate powder and then slowly poor into the mix UNTIL desired chocolate-ness (it's your choice how much coco powder you put into the hot chocolate, I put in about two good teaspoons). Then mix, have a taste and it will BLOW your MIND! That isn't all, ONWARDS!


Cake... Personally I would make one using the all in one method or adding flour and eggs at the end method, overall making a cake couldn't be easier, there are plenty of recipes online. Just make sure you remember eggs, self raising flour, sugar, milk, butter and additional extras to be added at the end, e.g. coco powder or nuts... TOP TIP, make sure that you beat lots of air into the mix so the result is light and fluffy. Then cook! If you want to be SUPER SPEEDY then buy a pre-made cake mix and cook it.

Then simply add ice cream and fruit to bring it all together! Grate some chocolate on the top, brandish with sprinkles and nuts!


Additional ideas, Fruity Tart, Apple Pie, Apple Crumble, Tiramisu, Cannoli (quite difficult to make) or Holiday Pudding (sponge cake and golden syrup)


Weekly Inspirational Quote


'There are only two ways to life your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle’ - Albert Einstein (Again)


Thank you so much to whoever has given me feedback for the past few weeks, it put a smile on my face :).


My DofE kit guide is below, be sure to check it out! 



A Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition Kit 


What should I pack in my rucksack?

- Rucksack liner.

- Sleeping bag.

- Roll mat.

- Health and safety kit.

- Torch and whistle.

- Water bottle.

- Food including emergency food.

- Cutlery, plate and mug.

- Matches, Fire lighter or flint & steel.

- Toothbrush/paste and soap.

- Teatowel/Towel.

- Watch, paper and pen.

- Spare clothes.

What should you wear?

- Walking trousers, boots and socks.

- Teeshirt, top and a water proof coat.

- Water proof over trousers.

- Underwear, gloves and hat.

- Pen knife, map, compass and phone.

Group items? (shared)

- Tent, cooking stove, pans  and gas

- Food

- Bin bags

Please note that if anything is on the outside of your rucksack water proof it, and also I used a 65 letre rucksack. 


Can you order a takeaway in Lingen?


I have personally lived in Lingen since I can remember and we have never ordered a takeaway before. There's no phone reception here and in the night there is pretty much no visibility what so ever (except for the pub lights I suppose). So why did we decide to order a takeaway in the first place? Good question! Well, we recently had some guests at our house and one night everyone was out and we couldn't be bothered to cook. So instead of snaking on crisps and chocolate for the entire night we decided to order a takeaway. So went on google, found a takeaway service, ordered some delicious looking unhealthy food and then relaxed on the sofa while we waited for our food.

The expected time of arrival was in an hours time for the food we ordered. so we waited an hour, hour and 5, hour and 10, hour and 15... No food! Call up the service, turns out the guy has been looking all over for our house and turns up 15 minutes later. Classic! 

To be fair the food tasted pretty good, it was around 11:30pm so we were all famished... hunger pains satisfied! Same it was cold tho!


If you are wondering and this is NOT a advertisement OR a review but we got our food from Just E*t. Lets just say it was an experiment.


Lingen on your bike


Natural assumption, 'it's the country side, you can't get around on bikes, you have to drive everywhere"! But is this necessarily true? Good Question... Well from time to time I make lots of adventures on my bike cycling from Lingen to Presteigne backwards and forwards and so on. I do it in about 20mins which I am fully aware is quite quick but it is still great exercise to an extent. By great exercise I would not recommend commuting with heavy shopping bags up Kinsham bank now because that is not such a good idea. And yes, I like promoting exercise because it is great for your body. BUT if you do decide to cycle to Presteigne make sure you DO NOT go past COOMBE CORNER, take the back lane (turning near go-cart track).

But is Presteigne the only solution? Why not Brampton Bryan, Bucknell, Wigmore, Leintwardine? Don't worry, all of these are reachable by bike from Lingen. but if you do decide to do any of these don't pack heavy! Because remember you have to cycle back as well. You should insure that you always wear a helmet, gloves and warm layers because depending on the time you are cycling and the conditions if you do have to cycle in the rain and cold it is not nice... Also it can get quite cold once the sun goes down no matter what the conditions have previously been. I would also recommend bringing a mobile phone and a cycling repair kit just in case, and don't forget the pump!


Happy cycling!


Why is this page here you may be wondering?


Well, I am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh award. This award as you may know has three sections, volunteering, physical and skills. This webpage you see in front of you is my volunteering part of the award!

Lets just say three months of me writing about random things which I hope you enjoy reading about!


Enjoyed this weeks 'Harrys page'? Tell me what you think by clicking the hyperlink below, you won't regret it ;) !



Send me something...

^^ Feedback means the world in my eyes...

If anyone could help me put an apostrophe in harrys page (title) I would be very greatful. 

Wanna get started? Link is here Duke Of Edinburgh.

**The reasons why the content below is still on my page is because I think that it is useful :) not that all of my information is useful anyway. Also its really small so it may as well be there...


Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition Tips

1. Bring tons of bin bags (great for keeping everything dry and putting rubbish in).

2. Choose your route wisely, make sure that you pay attention to the gradients on your map because pulling your rucksack up a steep hill when not necessary isn’t very efficient!

3. Don’t ditch your group, if you ditch your group everyone fails.

4. Map read as a team, nobody wants to get lost!

5. Pack your rucksack well so it is correctly balanced hence no shoulder and hip pains.

6. Cook a decent meal, after a few hours of walking everyone is going to be hungry.

7. Bring snacks like oat bars instead of chocolate because they give you more energy for a longer amount of time.

8. Learn how to use a map and compass in sync because if its foggy its harder to navigate.

9. Hydration packs are amazing.

10. Make sure boots fit comfortably because otherwise you will get blisters. 


Well this is a bit controversial...


Likes and dislikes about our favourite village in Herefordshire

Interesting fact, Lingen has a Shropshire post code, anyone know why this is?


So, lets get on with the likes...

- When you come into our village you always get a lovely  feeling inside of you, your home :) (only residents would understand this).

- Great community

- Brilliant fields to go sledging  when it does eventually does snow.

- Beautiful landscape outside your window (just look at that valley!).

And the dislikes...

- For starters there is no phone reception which means you can only make calls using the landline

- WiFi can be very unreliable.

- No community shop

- It attracts the rain throughout the year

- No playground for the younger members of the village. 


Why Carding Mill Valley is my favourite place to walk


Ok, so what makes me take an such anti-Lingen approach to this subject you may be thinking... Well, the Lingen walks are great, just great... a little wonder of beauty in our valley is how I like to refer to them, they’re special to us, hidden and out of sight. Carding Mill Valley to a certain extent is the opposite, it is hugely popular and has varied levels and types of walking for your enjoyment... rocks to scramble on, paths to jog on, waterfalls to climb on and viewpoints to feel like you’re ‘on top of the world’. I enjoy Carding Mill Valey because it’s different to Lingen, it makes me appreciate what we have here in our community. Just because we don't have crazy waterfalls or huge rock pillars, Lingen is Lingen and the features of the valley are always going to be the same. You appreciate that. However, I love Carding Mill Valley, it’s a big place which is full of challenges and places to explore. It is one of the only places to receive snow near us for the last few years. The air is fresh of mountain dew on the top in the morning and is unpolluted. That is why I love Carding Mill Valley.


A competition awaits... If you find any grammatical errors on my page I will reward you with a quiz question answer. Or, if you tell me something about Lingen that I didn't know about which is INTERESTING mind you, I will reward you with the option of making up your own quiz question to put into next weeks page. I will also write your name on the Hall of fame table which will be below for those of us who can dare to take up the challenge. Lets get involved!

*Table will go in when first victor arrives.