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Until 1875 the only church in Adforton was the primitive Methodist Chapel built in 1863, which can be seen on the east side of the main road looking towards Wigmore.  Adforton residents wishing to worship in a Church of England church walked the two miles to Leintwardine come wind, come weather, although it is more than possible that some chose to walk to Wigmore.  However, a gentleman driving his carriage (and perhaps, pair) became rather concerned at the plight of these people walking to Leintwardine (no doubt the road conditions were pretty dreadful) and set about organising a body of interested locals with a view to building a church for the people of Adforton.  A Board of trustees was set up, probably in the late 1860s and eventually the church you see now was designed and built in 1875 by J.P. Seddon at the total cost of £965.15.0.  Seddon also designed the font.


On the 27th day of August 1875 The Right Reverend James Lord Bishop of Hereford granted his Licence and Authority `unto the Reverend Edward Jonathan Green, Clerk Vicar of the Parish of Leintwardine in the County and Diocese of Hereford and to his curate (or other officiating Minister for the time being lawfully appointed), to perform Divine Service and administer the Sacraments in a small building of an Ecclesiastical character situate in a district called Adforton in the said parish of Leintwardine’.  The site, where it is believed a smithy once stood, was given to the Trustees by R.W. Daker Harley of Brampton Bryan who owned most of the village of Adforton at that time.  Work began with a gift of £400 made by Lieutenant-Colonel Colvin of Leintwardine for church extension in the Parish of Leintwardine.  This may have been a bequest in his will because by 1875 he was dead and never saw the result of his gift.  Presumably the Trustees, now long gone, raised the rest of the money but documentation of this has yet to be found.  Dedicated to St. Andrew, the church opened as a Chapel-of-Ease attached to LeintwardineChurch and for a hundred years was regarded as the daughter church.  Links with Leintwardine remain.  This situation was unchanged until 1973 when Wigmore Abbey Parish was formed and AdfortonChurch became fully licensed and able to operate independently of Leintwardine.


There are now nine churches in the Wigmore Abbey Parish very well serviced by one hard-working Rector and two equally hard-working, non-stipendiary clergymen.